Orchestra Opole University of Technology


The traditions of making music together have been embedded in the Silesian landscape for generations, constituting an inseparable element of the musical culture of the region. For over 15 years, they have also accompanied the academic life of the Opole University of Technology, where the orchestra under the baton of Przemysław Ślusarczyk, Opole composer, conductor and culture animator, operates with great success.

The impulse to create the band was the performance of the Brass Band of the Electric School Complex in Opole at the graduation ceremony for graduates of the Faculty of Electronics, Automatics and Computer Science of the Opole University of Technology. It was in January 2006. The musicians from the Electrician performed at the invitation of the dean, prof. Tomasz Boczar, and their leader - Przemysław Ślusarczyk - came up with the idea that if a school has its own orchestra, then the university should also have one, especially since some music-making students later become its students, and both institutions: the school and the polytechnic, are connected by strict cooperation.

The initiative was supported by the then rector, prof. Jerzy Skubis and vice-rector for student affairs prof. Jerzy Jantos.

Later that month, official recruitment to the orchestra was announced, and regular rehearsals began soon. A group of students of the Opole University of Technology, strengthened by colleagues from ODZSE in Opole, debuted with a concert in front of the large audience during the Opole University of Technology Festival, which took place on the second campus of the university, on May 4, 2006.

From the beginning, the orchestra regularly performs in the city of Opole and in the country as part of the copyright cycles: "Musical Impressions," "With the Orchestra into the Castles and Palaces" and in innovative formats: "Opolski Wind Express" and "With the Orchestra on the River Odra". The last three events have been awarded honors - Best Tourist Product of the Opole Province 2013. In 2020, "Opolski Wind Express" received the "Opolska Marka 2019" award in the 'region promotion' category.

The group's repertoire includes not only popular and film music hits, but also Przemysław Ślusarczyk's own compositions. The OPO is always well received by the audience, and in 2010 it won the 2nd prize in the 18th Review of German Minority Orchestras - Leśnica 2010 in Lichynia.

The seat of the group and the place of rehearsals is the didactic complex "Łącznik" at 16 Mikołajczyka Street. Recruitment to the orchestra is also ongoing, which is open not only to students of Opole universities.


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